All FFSA competitions are organised according to the international FIE rules.


You can access these rules on

All refereeing is done strictly according to FIE rules.

The main competition rules with regards to equipment and organisation for all FFSA competitions are as follows:

1. Fencers are only permitted to enter their own age group - and one up - except where there is no event in their age group. Exceptions may be applied for beforehand.

2. Fencers must sign in the correct event register upon entrance to the hall. They must also sign the Attendance Register and Indemnity Form.


3. Plastrons must be worn. No tracksuit pants may be worn. Breeches and long socks only.

4. Weapons checks are compulsory for all equipment and weapons and must pass minimum required standards of acceptance into competition.

5. Any fencer on the piste must have access to 2 working weapons.

6.  The competition will not be delayed by waiting for fencers. If a fencer has not signed in, and is not at roll call, they will be excluded.

7.  Roll calls will be held at the given times regardless of competition progress.

8.  Fencers must be aware of doping regulations. Any fencer may be tested.

9.  Only Juniors and Cadets who qualify age-wise for the 2022 World Championships will be allowed to fence in the Junior events. Ther latest applicable  birth year lists will be printed on competition invitations. Juniors and Cadets must present proof of age (birth certificate or ID) to enter. Those who cannot do so, will not be allowed to enter.

10.  Competitions / events will be cancelled if there are not more than 4 fencers entered for the event. For example a Cadet competition will be cancelled if there are not more than 4 entries. The Cadet’s will then fence with the Juniors and the highest ranking Cadet in the Junior competition will receive the Gold Medal.

11.  No fencer will be allowed to fence without being registered with their province and with FFSA. Licence fees are due to be paid to both associations.

12. Finishing times can only be estimated, once all entries are in. Times may also be influenced by fencers fencing in other age groups, availability of pistes and referees and promptness of all fencers in an event presenting themselves on the piste on time. The Organising Committee reserves the right to change the order of the programme.