The Gauteng Fencing Association (GFA) is the governing body for the sport of Fencing in Gauteng. To participate in provincial competitions, club members would need to belong to the GFA, and to fence in national competitions, club members need to belong to the FFSA as well as the GFA.


The FFSA - Fencing Federation of South Africa - regulates the sport of fencing for all of Soiuth Africa, according to it's Constitution. It also liaises with all relevant sporting bodies nationally and internationally.


Although only Cadet (U17), Junior (U20 and Seniors are recognised internationally, it is the FFSA's and GFA's responsibility to help grow the sport of fencing for all ages in South Africa. Competitions are thus organised for men and women, boys and girls in these age categories;

Pupii U11

Benjamin U13

Minim U15

Cadet U17

Junior U20


Veterans (40+)


Where possible, the clubs provide tuition in all 3 fencing weapon types, being


Each weapon has it's own sword weight, length and guard differences, protective clothing difference, and the 3 weapon types have their own set of rules as to how 'hit's / points are recorded.

This is a copy of the GFA's NPO -  Non-Profit Organisation - certificate. Any donations or sponsorships that companies make are therefore tax deductible.