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Gauteng Fencing Association (GFA)

The sport of Fencing is an exciting way to enjoy fun, fitness and focus. All ages from 8 years upwards can begin to learn it's technicalities and benefit from the pleasure it brings and the friendships made.


In Gauteng we are very proud of our Fencers, who are all amateurs, and who compete both locally in Provincial and National competitions as well as internationally at Junior, Senior and Veteran levels, in various grades of competition, being World Cups, Grands Prix and World Championships. 


Fencing was one of the sports that was included into the first Olympics of the modern era. South African Fencers have competed in the Beijing and Athens Olympic Games and also regularly compete in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships and African Fencing Championships.


There is a national ranking competition series where Fencers of all provinces and all ages compete for the prestige of  trying to earn themselves a gold, silver or bronze medal, or simply compete for the enjoyment of participating and testing their skills.

GFA runs according to a Constitution, with a Committee voted in to run fencing in Gauteng each year. The persons below comprise the 2023 GFA Committee.


Chairperson -                  

Vice Chairperson -          

Secretary -                      

Treasurer -                     Interim  Geoff Saner

Competitions Officer -     

Juniors Representative - 

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